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check_winevent - Nagios plugin for Windows event log checks

check_winevent is a Nagios plugin to monitor event logs on the local Windows system. You can filter events based on time, code, type and source. Negation is also possible for code, type and source. Check_winevent is capable of scanning multiple event logs.


check_winservice - Nagios plugin for Windows service checks

check_winservice is a Nagios plugin to monitor services on the local Windows system. You can filter services based on name, state or start mode. Negation is also possible. Check_winservice has also a service snapshot fingerprint capability which may help you to monitor changes on service configurations.

check_ad with support for localized Windows and more...

Check_ad version 1.5 introduces a configuration file to configure localized output from dcdiag and netdiag tools. A new option --dfsr can be used to specify that Sysvol replications are done via DFS instead of FRS. Check_ad gives now a more proper explanation when member checks fails on Windows 2008 systems due to non-availability of the netdiag tool.

Adolsign with lookup capability

Adolsign 2.1 is now available with a new lookup directive for conditional fields. This capability allows you to replace values in Active Directory by values in lookup tables defined in the configuration file. A flexible way to support multi-language initials, titles and many more. Example:

Winrpe 3.0.3 fixes service start problems

WINRPE - A yet another Nagios NRPE Agent for Windows
Version 3.0.3 - April 2011


 1. BUG FIX - Service doesn't start due to account/group information

    Version 3.0.2 was supposed to solve that problem. However, a glitch
    caused this not to happen. The installer creates and runs the batch
    file "bin/winrpe_make_pwdgrp.cmd" for proper population of etc/passwd
    and etc/group files. That batch file can be reused for repopulation
    of related files in the case service account change.

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