Nagios single sign-on authentication with Active Directory

Do you wonder if it is possible to implement Active Directory based single sign-on for Nagios ? The answer is yes. Many sysadmins and users would be interested in an integrated environment, where the users are prompted for credentials only once during their initial logon.

Two free tools - ipwdgen and winrpe

ipwdgen is a yet another password generator, capable of generating secure random pronounceable passwords. It uses Crypt::GeneratePassword module.




winrpe is an installation package to simplify the deployment of Nagios NRPE agents on Windows systems. Winrpe contains NRPE_NT and a collection of NRPE plugins for monitoring cpu, disk, memory, eventlog, services and performance counters. It can easily be expanded by other NRPE plugins.


Dynamic Nagvis maps with GPS calculates pixel coordinates of objects with GPS coordinates and produces a Nagvis (a visualization addon for Nagios) configuration file. This allows us to create Nagvis maps with moving objects. First of all, you need to create a map image representing the area in where your mobile objects will be positioned. You can use the parameters below for map image customization:



Nagios authentication with Active Directory

NagiosMany Nagios users have access to Active Directory as the main directory service provider. Therefore, it's a tempting idea to make an integration between those two systems for more simplified and centralized administration. The recipe below has been implemented successfully on a Fedora 6 system with Apache 2:


check_tslicense - NRPE check plugin for Microsoft Terminal Services Licensing



check_tslicense - Nagios NRPE plugin for Microsoft Terminal Services Licensing


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